Sunday, March 30, 2014

Zynq - How to(Lab3)

XAdc Programming with IP - continuous polling (Temperature, Vccint, Vnp, Vaux0, Vaux8) - lab3.pdf


  1. I really like your How-to lab series and I extended my thanks in this post:

  2. hello, we are currently trying to get the xadc from the zybo working (as part of a research project). But we ran into some problems
    i was wondering if you have any idea why
    our adc reading are always exactly 0
    when we open the dashboard in the vivado hardware manager, all internal sensors show their maximum (V = 2.999 and Temp = 230.7°C)

  3. I wonder, why there is no "xsysmon.h" in Vivado 2015.4 and what could be used instead of that

  4. In the XADC header, only Vp/Vn, Vauxp0/Vauxn0, Vauxp8/Vauxn8 are given. If I
    want to use more auxiliary channels how do I connect external analog channels
    to FPGA ? The default locations are shown in Bank 35, which is an FMC port.
    Can I use the existing I/O ports instead ? Please reply

  5. I tried this way. but got error related to "ahb ap transaction". additional, I can't access to arm core through XMD console and error with JTAG connection appears, although connections are correct and programming of the board is done correctly.
    I searched a lot but didn't understand what problem is.
    would you help me?